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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dinner at the bar...

Margaret had another birthday. It took us both by surprise. At some point they just zip by in rapid succession and there’s no stopping them. But we can slow things down a little, if only for a moment, to celebrate life, friendship and reflect on the year.

We did none of those things and went out for drinks instead. Margaret is single so I am cognizant of choosing a lively environment, rather than a romantic table for two gal pals. Porto Vivo was perfect. Having been there five times already I have yet to eat in their restaurant, always at the bar. It’s comfortable. Twice I’ve been there solo, eating at the bar and chatting with strangers, another hobby of mine.

The bar is a big square centered in the room, ample access, with seating not only at the bar, but tables and chairs of varying heights around the room. In one corner, which I was fortunate to share with my husband a while back, is lush and cozy with sink-in couch, chair and a coffee table.

And here’s one for the smokers… there’s an elevated balcony off the bar, over the street, just for you. No more standing by the front door, greeting guests with your leper stick.
This time around I got the Flatbread Pizza with prosciutto, arugula and fig preserve. The combination of flavors was magnificent. I’d seen this on the menu before and this was the night. With every intention of eating only half, it was gone in a blink. (Though Margaret's sample piece did seem rather excessive). And being the foodie that I am, and a smarty pants by nature, I believe I could have improved on the dish by a) cutting the prosciutto into smaller pieces so the whole flap of ham didn’t slide off with a single bite and b) either cooking the arugula a bit to give it some weight or tucking it under the cheese so the leaves weren't loose, fluttering about on top. But hey, that’s me. (If anyone tries this, let me know what you think. It’s delicious, but messy. The fig preserve is brilliant.)

Porto Vivo, 7 Gerard Street, is next to Mac’s Steakhouse. Here’s the link. http://www.porto-vivo.com. They also tout the sexiest Sunday Brunch, imaginative cocktail concoctions and a world-class wine cellar.

Another year, another martini, another moment shared with a good friend. It was indeed a successful night. Happy Birthday, Margaret!

EARTH DAY is coming…
April 22, 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary
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