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Saturday, March 27, 2010

For the bread alone...

Friday was a busy day for me. I had an early afternoon doctor's appointment in New York City so I took the day off from work and crammed the morning full of stray errands. My last stop was for a good cup of coffee. Wild by Nature's Happy House Blend is an organic coffee rich in flavor… by my standards, the best in town. It's my destination coffee when I have the time.

But this isn’t a story about coffee,
it's about a sandwich...

With my coffee in hand I decided a little snack was due for the train ride. I looked at the hot foods, the cold prepared foods and realized I needed something practical to eat on my lap. So I grabbed a pre-made sandwich without paying much attention except that it featured chicken. Pow at first bite! This was an interesting sandwich.

The bread alone would have been enough - their Health Bread made fresh on site with various nuts and sunflower seeds. It’s that dense, delicious bread you’d expect to find in a Vermont cafe. There is a hearty variety of sandwiches as well as a selection for the leaf eaters - featuring tofu or portebello with grilled vegies. The Santa Fe Sandwich that impressed me on the train I later learned was their most popular: chicken with guacamole, salsa, spices, roasted peppers, pepper jack cheese and tortillas. On fabulous bread for $5.99. These sandwiches are just sitting there quietly. Too quietly. They need a sign, or a good spokesperson.

Have you had a deli sandwich lately? Nothing as interesting as this, the bread certainly not as good and I doubt for a better price. They even sell half sandwiches for $2.99 and half wraps for $4.99 which are ample, or maybe leave room for a little soup.

I had an opportunity recently to sample all their soups. These are not your ordinary soups. For starters, they use minimal salt, finding their flavors in less obvious places. Most of the soups are vegetarian but you don’t miss the meat. Somehow they worked the smoky flavor into the Pea Soup without the ham hock. I asked the counterman what was creating the smokiness and he gave me a kind smile and a wink. Apparently they don’t give up their secrets. The Miso Soup is macrobiotic for patients with degenerative disease and their Chicken Orzo Soup was light, full of vegetables with giant chunks of roasted chicken, truly a meal in itself.

Heading off to work? Think about grabbing a great cup of coffee and
a sandwich for your lunch later. (And some fruit, it's good for you.)
Although Wild By Nature is not officially rated an organic facility, it does use primarily organic ingredients throughout their recipes.

EARTH DAY is Coming –
April 22, 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary.
Think Green Tip: Buy local produce whenever possible. This avoids wasteful transportation and unnecessary food packaging which in turn conserves our resources and reduces your carbon footprint.

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