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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Southdown Solution... for a mid-week meal

Southdown Market is a wonderland for me. As I’ve gotten busier and older there’s less time and energy to put out a top shelf meal during the week. Southdown’s prepared foods should not be overlooked. Though some selections can edge a little pricey, I find a little planning is a low-cost alternative to eating out too often during the week; and a healthier alternative to take out.

With my George Foreman Grill I had a reasonable dinner for four on the table in 18 minutes for only $22.04. What’s that, $5.50 per person? (And yes, I timed myself tonight to make the point. Note: the 18 minutes does not include clean up, never does. I’ll have to clock my husband separately on that.)

So this was my reasonable, delicious and quickie meal:

  • Four prepared lamb burgers – mixed with feta cheese and black olives
    You Do: Grill it (I used the George Foreman Grill)
  • One bag of fresh spinach
    You Do: Sauté with garlic/oil and a sliced shallot, touch of salt
  • One package of PRE-CUT butternut squash (pre-cut is brilliant as they’re such a nuisance.)
    You Do: Steam it. I tossed some cloves and nutmeg into the water. The squash took on all the flavor without having to add any butter or salt. This was a new trick for me tonight, I’m thrilled with the outcome.

Yep. 18 minutes. Top that, Rachel.

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