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Monday, March 22, 2010

One Fish... Two Fish... Rockfish

Huntington is no doubt a restaurant mecca of Long Island. Choose any ethnicity from around the globe and Huntington can serve it up. Well, mostly. There's no Korean food just yet.

And with all those choices, I still gravitate back to old favorites. Last Saturday, my girlfriend Denise and I were sitting on my deck enjoying the first rays of sun after this long winter and we decided it was a good night for lobster. Eat it, and summer will come. We agreed on our favorite seafood spot, Rockfish. Typically for us it's a warm-weather restaurant, with its outdoor patio conjoined with Finley's notable beer selection. Turns out, it's not bad in March either.

We ate indoors in a private little nook for four. When it came time to order, I pulled a fast one on Denise and ditched the bib-fare for an outrageous pan seared tuna encrusted in sesame seeds in a hoisin drizzle. (I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Don't ask.) I also had a refreshing, but not too filling cock-a-leekie appetiser. Truth be told, I ordered it just so I could say it out loud. Cock-a-leekie. Come on.

Only one of us braved the 2 lb. crustaceon and she was happy to the bitter end. Licking and smacking herself to the finish line with a pre-moistened towelette. My husband had a delicious wild salmon and Tom had the flounder in a white sauce with asparagas. It was gone before I could steal a bite.

A good meal is more than good food... it's the total experience. In all, we were four happy customers, well fed, well watered, well attended. RockFish typically becomes THE PLACE once the weather is reliably nicer for an outdoor meal, but there's no need to wait. The food indoors is just as delicious.

Value does not mean finding a bargain -
but instead, it is finding a place where you are valued as a guest.

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